ohlittle-red: So I think this might mean Malia isn't a villain, or if she is, she's still going to be around long enough to keep the new opening credits.

I don’t trust her.

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Anonymous: So because someone is pointless and makes no sense, they should just die?

Basically yes.

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Anonymous: Malia was not introduced as a love interest, hello ' Anchors ' and ' more bad than good ', but even if she was Allison first started out as a love interest and look how many people love her. If it was a boy introduced soulfully as a love interest, then you and everyone else would start shipping him with others and showering him with praise. It is insulting and misogynistic.

I’m not fucking counting the first two episodes where she was A WILD ANIMAL.

Her first real apparance was in 3x20, where she was introduced as NOTHING but a love interest. Yes, Allison was introduced as a love interest too. Aren’t you fucking tired of that?

If the roles were switched and boys were constantly brought into shows as nothing but love interests, I’d be pissed too.

If it was a boy brought into the show to hook up with Stiles, I would have definitely praised that because we have no queer presentation in television.

Heterosexual couples are plentiful, and the majority of them are like Stiles/Malia. They make no sense and they’re just there for sex appeal.

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Anonymous: Seeing the bitercon debacle helped me to say goodbye to the show, for me the show ended at the 3A. Will do like if the show was cancelled and will read tons of smart fics where the betas are alive, they rebuild the hale house and where Sterek is canon, hot and sexy.

It’s sad to lose a good show. Good things end too quickly :(

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Anonymous: Stiles got possessed. POSSESSED. He was an emotional wreck in 3b. He needs to be dealing with the guilt of thinking that he killed Allison, that he hurt the people he cared about most. He needs to be taking time to heal himself after all the shit that went down, not sucking some girls face he met in a mental asylum.


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Anonymous: The writers are literally killing this show. The fanfiction is the only thing worth dealing with. Why can't I just watch fanfiction, this is bullshit.

Haha. I know right???!

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Anonymous: One good thing from bitecon. Keahu says that Danny had a crush on Miguel xD

True. Lol

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Anonymous: Hye Cole, I haven't finished watching 3B, is it even worth it?

If you watched some of it, yeah, just finish it.

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stubblehale: I'm literally only watching season 4 for Hoechlin and Dylan, this whole show has fallen to shit apart from them, honestly.

I can’t even watch it for them. I think it’ll be an absolutely miserable experience watching that show.

I’ll just look to tumblr to fill me in on scenes. I’ll keep a look out for gifs and manips.

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Anonymous: Is it wrong of me to not want Sterek to become canon? I love Sterek with all of my heart. It's the biggest reason why I'm watching this show, but I don't want it to become canon because I'm convinced that Jeff and the other writers would screw it all up. They would mess up everything we worked hard for. If they can't even have a simple timeline, know what their character's real name or exact age is, then how can I trust them to write sterek like it deserves to be written?

I understand. I still think the representation is greatly needed, though.

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Anonymous: derek according to jeff and the writers in season 4: "derek's gonna get tortured some more by his ex and hunters but dont worry were gonna send him some chick to fuck and to heal his heart just to probably break it again!"

Sounds sooooooooo romantic

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Anonymous: IDK man, I really understand your hatred for Malia (especially since she just kinda came outta nowhere???) but I think depending on how she's written in S4 we could have ourselves a super duper cool character (though, I don't want her with Stiles). Which makes me somehow turn to the thought that... What if Malia starts with Stiles... but moves to Isaac?

She could be interest, but this is Teen Wolf. And the writers are shit.

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Anonymous: Why are people sending you such dumb asks? Malia is a pointless character who was solely introduced as a love interest and will continue serving absolutely no purpose. For the record, I don't ship Sterek or Stydia. Shipping has nothing to do with the fact that Malia's introduction was stupid. In fact, even Jeff Davis chose her for the show at the very last minute. I wish Teen Wolf would stop creating hook-ups that are a waste of time and focus on the main characters emotions instead.


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Anonymous: I don't like Malia at all, even without her relationship with Stiles. She's just an Erica/Cora/Allison substitute that will take screen time away from characters we love. But there are so many teen fans that love her! Girls on Twitter adore her.

She wasn’t even confirmed for s4 until the last minute. And now Jeff acts like she’s this important character that were suppose to love. Haha

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Anonymous: Does Jeff even know what he's doing with the show? Fans could and have written better plots than him.

He even said that social media will carry the show on. HIS OWN WRITING won’t keep the show going, and he openly admits it. Lol

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