I definitely think there will be Sterek in season 3. It may or may not be anything romantic, but at least there will be Sterek interactions which I love because even the Sterek interactions from s1 and s2 felt a bit like they were working into becoming each other’s love interests. (x)

Is this truly what Sterek fans believe about the interactions between Stiles and Derek in seasons one and two?

Do they truly believe that the time Derek smashed Stiles against the wall was “Sterek working into becoming each other’s love interests”?

Do they truly believe that the time Derek slammed Stiles’ head against his Stiles’ steering wheel was ”Sterek working into becoming each other’s love interests”?

Do they truly believe that the time Derek threatened to kill Stiles if he didn’t do what he said was ”Sterek working into becoming each other’s love interests”?

Do they truly believe that the time Stiles practically begged Scott to let Derek die was ”Sterek working into becoming each other’s love interests”?

But let’s ignore all of that because that one time Stiles was forced to jump into the pool with Derek because he didn’t want the Kanima to kill him.

This is troubling to me. Stiles and Derek abuse one another, yet Sterek fans see love. How? If the guy you liked physically or verbally abused you or wished you’d die, would you find that romantic, endearing, and a sign that he likes you? Would you ignore all of that if the guy randomly came up to you one day and was like, “Sorry for being an asshole”?

What kind of fucked up world do you live in? 


1. Yes, this is what a lot of us Sterek fans believe about the interactions between Stiles and Derek in seasons one and two. The moments they share are build up. Two characters, seemingly despising each other and trying to avoid each other, yet fate has them bumping into each other and working together constantly. You’ve seen the same thing happen in many romantic comedies. It’s happened in other television shows. Opposites attract. 

2. The “wall scene” is something that is definitely taken seriously in the fandom. Definitely a big scene that brings a lot of hope for Sterek to become canon. You see, if you take a look at other scenes in which Stiles gets pushed against a wall, you will see that Derek is actually the most gentle out of the others. ie. Erica, Scott, & Chris Argent. It looks as if Derek holds restraint towards Stiles.

The slamming against the wall action is not exactly what hypes up this fandom. It is more about the reactions between the characters. Both Stiles & Derek flick their gazes in-between each other’s lips and eyes. (Note: that these subtle actions have been proven and linked to attraction).

3. The “head against the steering wheel scene” brings up even more things to question about the fact Derek holds back using excessive power towards Stiles. (and ONLY STILES.) 

See, Derek is capable of doing much more serious things to a person. Like the time he twisted and broke Scott’s arm. Or the time he dug his claws into Jackson’s neck who is a human might I add…

However he merely slams Stiles’ head into the steering wheel as a way to express slight aggravation. They beat up on each other. Friends and siblings do the same thing. It definitely wasn’t anything severe.

4. “I’ll rip your throat out, with my teeth.” Honestly, if you’re going to use that as a reason to debunk Sterek…..really? Derek was literally dying and in extreme pain. He was on the verge of passing out and Stiles was being incredibly difficult. Derek’s life was legit in Stiles’ hands and Derek needed a way to make Stiles cooperate

5. Let us talk about the time Stiles wanted Derek to die. Mainly, let’s talk about the time where Stiles outright told Allison to shoot Derek in the head. 

This is because Stiles is not a sweet and innocent little kid. If you piss him off, he’ll retaliate. If you threaten the life of somebody he loves, he won’t do more than bat an eyelash before voting to have you killed. 

Derek was there to kill Lydia. Lydia had been the one person Stiles was completely in love with for 10 years. Of course he wanted Derek to die rather than Lydia. Derek was the enemy in that moment and it was either him or Lydia. 

6. When Derek fell into the pool, Stiles debated on what to do. Let Derek drown, or grab his cellphone and call for help? He chose to jump into the pool and hold Derek up for 2 hours while treading water. 

Let’s remember back to when Derek explained what he felt on the situation. He said, that the reason Stiles was not letting him go was because he needed him to fight off the Kanima when the paralysis ended. 

As soon as Derek said that, Stiles let Derek sink and he went for his phone. This scene is a huge deal because it proves that Stiles does not believe he needs Derek to save him. He does not need Derek’s power for defense. Stiles is capable of protecting himself in his own ways. 

But Stiles went back underwater to pull Derek up. So if Stiles doesn’t need Derek’s help, yet he saved Derek from drowning….why did he do it? Answer? Because he didn’t want Derek to die.


You fail to see all the moments Derek & Stiles share as well as facts about the two that are not a threat/banter mix.

So honestly….how about watching the show a little more carefully and at least try to understand what the Sterek fandom is seeing that you’re obviously not.

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