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I definitely think there will be Sterek in season 3. It may or may not be anything romantic, but at least there will be Sterek interactions which I love because even the Sterek interactions from s1 and s2 felt a bit like they were working into becoming each other’s love interests. (x)

Is this truly what Sterek fans believe about the interactions between Stiles and Derek in seasons one and two?

Do they truly believe that the time Derek smashed Stiles against the wall was “Sterek working into becoming each other’s love interests”?

Do they truly believe that the time Derek slammed Stiles’ head against his Stiles’ steering wheel was ”Sterek working into becoming each other’s love interests”?

Do they truly believe that the time Derek threatened to kill Stiles if he didn’t do what he said was ”Sterek working into becoming each other’s love interests”?

Do they truly believe that the time Stiles practically begged Scott to let Derek die was ”Sterek working into becoming each other’s love interests”?

But let’s ignore all of that because that one time Stiles was forced to jump into the pool with Derek because he didn’t want the Kanima to kill him.

This is troubling to me. Stiles and Derek abuse one another, yet Sterek fans see love. How? If the guy you liked physically or verbally abused you or wished you’d die, would you find that romantic, endearing, and a sign that he likes you? Would you ignore all of that if the guy randomly came up to you one day and was like, “Sorry for being an asshole”?

What kind of fucked up world do you live in? 


1. Yes, this is what a lot of us Sterek fans believe about the interactions between Stiles and Derek in seasons one and two. The moments they share are build up. Two characters, seemingly despising each other and trying to avoid each other, yet fate has them bumping into each other and working together constantly. You’ve seen the same thing happen in many romantic comedies. It’s happened in other television shows. Opposites attract. 

2. The “wall scene” is something that is definitely taken seriously in the fandom. Definitely a big scene that brings a lot of hope for Sterek to become canon. You see, if you take a look at other scenes in which Stiles gets pushed against a wall, you will see that Derek is actually the most gentle out of the others. ie. Erica, Scott, & Chris Argent. It looks as if Derek holds restraint towards Stiles.

The slamming against the wall action is not exactly what hypes up this fandom. It is more about the reactions between the characters. Both Stiles & Derek flick their gazes in-between each other’s lips and eyes. (Note: that these subtle actions have been proven and linked to attraction).

3. The “head against the steering wheel scene” brings up even more things to question about the fact Derek holds back using excessive power towards Stiles. (and ONLY STILES.) 

See, Derek is capable of doing much more serious things to a person. Like the time he twisted and broke Scott’s arm. Or the time he dug his claws into Jackson’s neck who is a human might I add…

However he merely slams Stiles’ head into the steering wheel as a way to express slight aggravation. They beat up on each other. Friends and siblings do the same thing. It definitely wasn’t anything severe.

4. “I’ll rip your throat out, with my teeth.” Honestly, if you’re going to use that as a reason to debunk Sterek…..really? Derek was literally dying and in extreme pain. He was on the verge of passing out and Stiles was being incredibly difficult. Derek’s life was legit in Stiles’ hands and Derek needed a way to make Stiles cooperate. 

5. Let us talk about the time Stiles wanted Derek to die. Mainly, let’s talk about the time where Stiles outright told Allison to shoot Derek in the head. 

This is because Stiles is not a sweet and innocent little kid. If you piss him off, he’ll retaliate. If you threaten the life of somebody he loves, he won’t do more than bat an eyelash before voting to have you killed. 

Derek was there to kill Lydia. Lydia had been the one person Stiles was completely in love with for 10 years. Of course he wanted Derek to die rather than Lydia. Derek was the enemy in that moment and it was either him or Lydia. 

6. When Derek fell into the pool, Stiles debated on what to do. Let Derek drown, or grab his cellphone and call for help? He chose to jump into the pool and hold Derek up for 2 hours while treading water. 

Let’s remember back to when Derek explained what he felt on the situation. He said, that the reason Stiles was not letting him go was because he needed him to fight off the Kanima when the paralysis ended. 

As soon as Derek said that, Stiles let Derek sink and he went for his phone. This scene is a huge deal because it proves that Stiles does not believe he needs Derek to save him. He does not need Derek’s power for defense. Stiles is capable of protecting himself in his own ways. 

But Stiles went back underwater to pull Derek up. So if Stiles doesn’t need Derek’s help, yet he saved Derek from drowning….why did he do it? Answer? Because he didn’t want Derek to die.


You fail to see all the moments Derek & Stiles share as well as facts about the two that are not a threat/banter mix.

  • The fact Stiles is the only one out of the teenage group who knows about Derek’s past and about the Hale fire.
  • The fact Stiles was brave enough to go face to face with Derek, who at the time was a suspected murderer and known werewolf.
  • The time Stiles let Derek stay in his bedroom and hide out despite the fact his father was right downstairs and he could have easily called for help.
  • The fact that Stiles wears the same shirt he loaned Derek in 1x09 again in 2x05 which means there must have been some sort of t-shirt return between Stiles & Derek.
  • The fact Derek chose to go to Stiles’ home to hide, even though Stiles’ father is the sheriff who Derek was hiding from.
  • The fact Stiles & Derek have each other’s phone numbers.
  • The fact Derek willingly let Stiles use him as bait to persuade Danny into tracing the text.
  • The fact Derek knew exactly which drawer Stiles kept his clean shirts.
  • The time Stiles looked in complete disbelief when Scott pinned the murders on Derek.
  • The time Stiles decided to miss his chance at first line to help Derek even though Stiles’ father was so proud of him.
  • The time Stiles called Derek a ‘sourwolf’ jokingly.
  • The time Derek protected Stiles from Peter.
  • The time Derek protected Stiles from Isaac.
  • The time Derek instinctively let his guard down to the Kanima just so that he could push Stiles to safety and tell him to run.
  • The time Stiles called Chris Argent out for destroying Derek’s family in the fire.
  • The time Derek “patted” Stiles on the back slightly after Stiles had successfully created a barrier of mountain ash around the rave even though he had to break it so Derek could enter and save Scott.
  • The time Derek told Scott to get “paralyzed Stiles” out of harms way before he went after Matt and the Kanima.
  • The time Derek stopped Matt from hurting the sheriff any more than he already had. 

So honestly….how about watching the show a little more carefully and at least try to understand what the Sterek fandom is seeing that you’re obviously not.

I’m going to address the “Derek is gentle with Stiles” thing as well as the bullet points since everything else makes no sense.

The idea that Derek is “gentle” with Stiles because he likes him is ludicrous. Derek is self aware. He knows his strengths and he knows that he can kill any human with the flick of his wrist. This is why he is “gentle” with Stiles. This is why when Derek abuses Stiles, it’s not to the extent that he abuses Scott. His intent is to hurt Stiles, not kill him, thus the holding back. And the fact that “Derek holding back” is an excuse is appalling. If a man beats his wife but does not use all of his power, all is okay? No. I refuse to believe you children think that this type of thinking can be applied to real life, yet you still apply it to the show. And yes, the show is fictional, but the point remains.

The thing is, Derek may view humans as inferior, but he respects those who respect him. He is not going to kill or try to kill Stiles unless he has a reason to, like he thought with Lydia and Jackson. Sterek fans just don’t seem to understand the dynamics of human interaction, and it makes sense that they don’t because a large portion of the fandom is made up of lifeless teenagers who spend most of their time online obsessing over something that doesn’t exist. Do you know who else holds back and is gentle with Stiles? Scott. Why, because like Derek, Scott understands his power and doesn’t want to hurt Stiles. I guess this means Stiles and Scott are going to become a thing. Oh wait, of course not seeing as Sterek fans completely ignore anything that isn’t Derek and Stiles.

Now for the bullets (you can refer to your post to match them up):

  • The reason Stiles is the “only person who knows about the Hale fire” is because he did research… That’s all there is to it. We all know Stiles likes to know things. He likes to be aware of what is going on. Him researching THE HALE FIRE FOR SCOTT MCCALL has nothing to do with any feelings towards Derek Hale.
  • You must’ve missed the part where Stiles was actually terrified of Derek when they first met in the woods. As time passed, things arose and Stiles stepped up to the plate. Why? To defend and help his friends. We know how Stiles likes to be hands-on and how he doesn’t like sitting by on the sidelines.
  • The time Derek forced himself into Stiles’ bedroom and threatened Stiles when he slammed him against the wall. What was Stiles to do? Dad, help me, there’s a suspected murderer in my room. Knowing Stiles and his father’s relationship, how exactly would Stiles explain that to his father?
  • You’re really implying that they purposely had Stiles wear the same shirt from season one during season two? Do you know how television works? Things like that happen, warddrobe is recycled because of things we like to call “budgets”.
  • For a Sterek shipper, you sure do undermine Derek’s intelligence. The last place anyone would look for Derek is, you know, THE SHERRIF’S HOUSE. Derek knew that.
  • Stiles also has Scott’s phone number. Scott also has Derek’s phone number. According to you, Scott and Stiles are in love and so are Scott and Derek.
  • “Derek knew exactly which drawer Stiles kept his shirts in.” This is just a case of severe REACHING. Did you expect them to film Derek as he pilfered through every drawer until he found the right one? There are things called SCRIPTS. “Derek reaches into top left drawer and pulls out a shirt.” Not that hard to understand.
  • Because Scott was lying…
  • Because Derek threatened him.
  • I call my mom a “butthead” jokingly. Does that mean I’m in love with her? Also, you need to watch that again. He was mocking Derek.
  • The time Derek protected Isaac. The time Derek protected Scott. Newsflash, Derek is an alpha and he protects everyone. But no, let’s only remember the time he protected Stiles.
  • Because Stiles is a human and Derek knows that. Also, Derek wanted to kill the Kanima himself.
  • Because killing innocent children just isn’t cool and Stiles knows that.
  • Re-watch that scene. That was not a “pat”. He began to run away and placed his hands onto Stiles shoulders before running off.
  • Back to the whole “Derek wanted to deal with the Kanima” thing and the fact that Stiles is human and cannot battle a supernatural creature.
  • Because he’s the sheriff and I don’t think Derek wants “dead sheriff” on his plate…

There you have it, simple answers to everything you desperately try to use to “prove” Sterek is a “thing” when it’s not.

Teen Wolf is not a gay romance drama and Stiles and Derek are not the main characters. The way you make it seem is that everything Jeff writes is somehow related back to Stiles and Derek and that is not true, not even kind of true. The whole Kanima thing barely even had anything to do with Stiles besides the fact that Stiles was the guy who did the research. It was about Jackson, Lydia, Scott, and Derek. Are you seriously going to act as if Jeff used it as a plot device so Stiles and Derek could get closer? The way you make it seem is that Sterek is cannon and that the interactions between Stiles and Derek always have some some of ulterior motive. This is also not true because a) Sterek does not exist, and b) once again, Stiles and Derek are not the main characters.

The problem you Sterek fans have is that you’re very selective when it comes to what you remember and what you interpret. Derek saved Isaac’s life more than any other character. He took him away from his abusive father and took him in. He protects Isaac as if they’re related. Why is it that you ignore that for the one time Derek saved Stiles’ life? If your logic dictates fact, Isaac and Derek are fucking every night in the woods because of how in love they are. What about that time outside of the club when Stiles shielded Isaac and Erica when the Kanima came after them? Your logic dictates that Stiles has feelings for Isaac and Erica because he saved their lives and protected them. What about the fact that Derek has all but begged Scott to join his pack? Your logic would dictate that Derek has a boner for Scott, but you don’t acknowledge that. No, you only acknowledge the minute times Stiles and Derek interact because that’s the only way your ship will make sense.

You say that maybe I should watch the show, but you’re ignoring something. The Sterek fandom is not even half as big as the entire Teen Wolf fandom. Why? Because most people don’t see Sterek. Most people don’t fetishize homosexuality and don’t try to pit two STRAIGHT characters together like you desperate teenagers on the Internet. Maybe you should get out more, find a partner, learn how to interact with people, and then re-watch the show, ‘cause then maybe you’ll realize that people can interact with one another in a multitude of ways and it doesn’t mean there’s anything romantic going on.

Oh, and to respond to the very popular “slow build” theory. You know, the theory that implies Jeff is “taking Sterek slow”… That shit makes no goddamn sense. If Allison and Scott got together as fast as they did, what makes you think Jeff is holding back on Sterek so it’ll be slow? Oh, the whole “Sterek is all that matters” thing. The whole “everything Jeff does is for the development of Sterek” theory. If the main character, the actual Teen Wolf Scott McCall doesn’t get a slow build with his partner, what makes you think Sterek will get a slow build?

Hello, logic knocking, he wants to know why you keep ignoring him.

For somebody to actually use the real life example of domestic violence as a way to describe a relationship between two fictional characters and the way that two characters behave towards each other is quite disgusting. Especially since I do not take you as an idiot, I expect you understand that what happens in an actual abusive relationship is completely different than the things that happen between Stiles and Derek. You are correct, this show is fictional, which is why the point does not plug into this discussion

Making Sterek an equivalent to a real life abusive relationship as a way to show that Sterek is not worthy of fandom is such a dirty trick, I’d rather not even elaborate on that.

The Sterek fandom has those who only wish to see Stiles/Derek, however there are a lot of us who ship other pairings within Teen Wolf. For example, SCILES: Scott McCall/Stiles Stilinski which I find a lot of others ship as well. Once again, take interest in educating yourself.

Ah, yes. Bullets again. Joy.

Teen Wolf doesn’t need to be a gay romance drama for Sterek to happen. Stiles and Derek aren’t the main characters, however what exactly would Scott’s story line be if Stiles & Derek were nonexistent? Stiles and Derek do not need to be main characters to have a relationship. 

The Sterek fandom as a whole are selective when it comes to Sterek. We pick out and remember the things that relate back to Sterek because we are in the Sterek fandom. Any fandom for any ship is exactly like that.  If I were in the Derek/Isaac fandom then I would bring up the points that you made about Derek saving Isaac from his abusive father.

I’m almost positive that the Sterek fandom makes up a huge chunk of the Teen Wolf. I could be wrong, but the Sterek fandom is quite large.

The fact is, you don’t know if Stiles and Derek are straight. Wanting Sterek to happen isn’t fetishizing homosexuality in even the slightest way. 

Scott and Allison did not have a slow build, and their relationship went dry. They’re broken up.

And let me tell you something about why I find Sterek so interesting. It has the potential to be a great bisexual/homosexual pairing. As a gay teenager, it is empowering to find a couple that I would be able to identify with in the future, saying that Sterek actually happens.

A good bisexual or homosexual couple is RARE to find on TV and in movies. Do you even understand how amazing it would be to have have this? 

There is nothing wrong with shipping Sterek. There is nothing wrong with Stiles & Derek becoming just as popular as the main character. And there is NOTHING wrong with wanting to see an amazingly written bisexual/gay relationship on my TV every Monday night.

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