Let what happened today be a lesson. Hacking and stealing private and personal items from somebody is WRONG. In fact, it’s illegal. From here on out we all need to be wary of what we see being posted. If something looks to be taken or stolen, it’s best to not reblog it and spread it around. 

Worming your way into the personal life of a celebrity, especially by doing something like that, is the utmost disrespectful thing I can imagine at the moment.

I can imagine that you would not feel happy or feel safe, if somebody latched themselves onto your life and posted personal photos of you that you did not want the world to have

To the person who did all of this… I sincerely hope you do not try to escape the blame, or try to defend your actions. What you did was wrong. Own up to it and take responsibility. Honestly, I think you should at least try to write an open letter to Tyler and Brittany and apologize for this entire ordeal. Their lives are probably stressful enough. They should not have to go onto the internet with the fear that they may come across something personal that was stolen from them.

To the people who are attacking stonesourwolf… calling him/her cruel names does NOT make you any better. Bullying somebody, despite the huge missteps they have taken, is NOT respected. They already know what they did was wrong, even if they choose to not come out and say it. Do NOT lower yourself and take the power of dealing punishment into your own hands. I am not taking stonesourwolf’s side, but I do not think bullying is ever the right thing to do.

For those of you in this fandom who willingly continued to repost, reblog, or keep those photos even after it was announced that they were stolen…you are in the SAME boat as stonesourwolf. Those photos should have been immediately deleted from your blog and your computer as soon as you found out.

From now on, I think we should all ask ourselves questions to before reblogging and posting photos. Things like, where is the source of these photos? Were they tweeted or instagramed by the owner? Or were they sneakily taken from Facebook or another website? 

Be wary. If something about the photos seems off to you, then don’t reblog them. If you know that they were stolen, don’t reblog them. And if you find out that they were stolen, then delete them from your blog and tell others to do the same.

The blame is not on the entire fandom. It is on a select few. These few people do not define the entire fandom. Do not think otherwise.

What these people did was completely and utterly out of line. But I do not believe that they can never be forgiven for their mistakes. I’m not saying to outright forgive their actions now. But you should not hold vendettas. When they apologize…try to accept it. And try hard.

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