um. excuse me. People have a right to want promos with other characters that aren’t Scott.

Idk you some of you understand this…but if Stiles, Allison, Lydia, Derek, Peter, Isaac and Boyd weren’t in Teen Wolf. There would literally be no show. There would be no material to keep fans interested.

Don’t sit there and bash people who like Stiles or any of the other characters over Scott. Just because Scott’s the main character, does not mean he has to be everyone’s favorite character. 

The promo they released was amazing and it amped us up. I love it. But there are some people in this fandom that watch Teen Wolf to see their favorite character in action. Don’t crucify them for wanting a promo with their favorite.

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  2. frecklesandpoverty said: Are people seriously mad that Scott was the one in the promo? He IS the main character. It’s not like we won’t see the other characters in the episodes. Calm down guys.
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  7. chestnut-nest said: NGL I totes expected something more group-ish promo like S2. I guess all the “who’s Scott?” “I didn’t know Scott is the hero of the show” and “I think the hero is Stiles” jokes that were rampant in S1 to S2 bite our collective asses. ::shrug
  8. vickykun said: Bless. I love Scott and he’s my favorite character ( He and Stiles equally),but I wanna see other promos too ;~; Everyone has the right to love the characters they love without being judged :)
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    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this! Seeing all these ‘friendly reminders’ that Scott is the main character was...
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  11. davidlescure said: They are all main characters, each one has their own journey, their own camera time, and their own fan focus. It is the culmination of story arcs, performers, and fans that make the amalgamation of a tv show that we call Teen Wolf.
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