THIS is exactly what I was talking about when I pointed out the bullying within the lol sterek and anti sterek tags. Some of these people claim that they aren’t bullies, that they aren’t bullying anybody, that they are only trying to call Sterek shippers out on racism and misogyny.

But this is bullying. This is unacceptable and rather disgusting, to be completely honest.  

Otherbully1: In a post in regards to me, and another tumblr user, "toxic-twerking" (because we are both African-American, young, and Sterek shippers)

she says: "Being black myself, it makes me kind of upset because I know that one day they’re gonna look back at all the stupid shit they said to defend white people that are using them. They don’t get that those white Sterek shippers are latching onto them for a reason.

She later says: “Colethewolf and toxic-twerking… ya’ll better watch your black asses cuz them white people are nothing but trouble.

I consider this to be racist. If this post had been a white person who said "them black people are nothing but trouble" or "they’re going to look back at all the stupid shit they said to defend black people.", people would flip out. This is disgusting, but this isn’t the only problematic thing this woman has said. 

She also says, “it’s sad cuz colethewolf is very young and very much not fucking white and he has no idea what his opinions are doing to him.”

Miscegene replies her to statement with: “I don’t think it has much to do with self hate, I think it’s probably due to his lack of education on the issues that he talks about.”

And then the woman replies again with these disgusting monstrosities.

"It’s a little bit of both. cuz i’ve been 17 and black and i didn’t have a lick of self hate. Many young black and half black people don’t. Then again, both of my parents are black…..very proud of themselves and their blackness." 

Then she goes on to talk about my parents. (I have a black father and a white mother). 

She says, “But homeboy said that he has a white parent and a black parent. His dad, being the black parent, is important because in most cases of black men marrying or dating white women, it’s a super deep amount of self hate.

Perpetuating the idea that a black person cannot fall in love with a white person without self hate is disgusting. It is people like otherbully1 that the people need to watch out for. For whatever reason, her parents have taught her to look down on white people. They’ve taught her that white people are bad news. They’re taught her to always be afraid of white people and to be scared of them. To attack them and think lower of them. She’s been told that white people tell lies, trick, manipulate and use blacks. People like her don’t believe blacks should stick up for white people because, “white people are trouble and like to use black people”. And she believes that blacks should marry and date blacks while whites should marry and date whites. 

Now when I pointed out that a lot of the people in the ‘lol sterek’ tag are blatantly racist towards the white characters, now you understand why. It’s because a lot of the people in those tags share this same disgusting mindset. 

They attack Sterek shippers for shipping the “White boy ship”, “white bread ship”, or the “White faves” as they like to address Stiles and Derek by. 

Here are some other posts i’ve noted:

ichalemmegetapieceofthatbod says: We just gotta keep praying for colethewolf to fall into a pit and never come out. 

redhoodandbloodyhearts says: petition to move to “ew sterek” as a tag because the fucktrumpet Sterek shippers invading the lol sterek and anti sterek.

imitationred says: petition to move to “fucktrumpet sterek”.

courtneythefabulousfattie says: Colethewolf is a frightenly dim-witted, delusional person. Therefore, he is unable to be reasoned with. 

shadowygame says: why are you still trying to turn colethewolf to the dark side, the dude’s icon is himself photoshopped with red alpha eyes. Doesn’t that even warn you there’s no hope for him.

mothergoddessabbiemills says (about me): that mofo is 17 and he’s been steeped and soaked in that toxic kool aid there’s no hope for him.

Now, these are only a very few of the nasty remarks they’ve made. And all of these remarks (expect for one) were made about me. But they aren’t just bullying me. They’re bullying all Sterek shippers. This is what they do to people over fictional characters. This is what they do to people who ship two white characters. This is what they do to people who don’t like Scott McCall and ship Sterek. 

The lol sterek and anti sterek tags ARE NOT tags to explain the problematic things within the fandom. Instead, it’s a dark little room for people to be racists and bullies. It’s a place for people to ridicule and mock Sterek shippers for shipping Sterek.

NOT all of the anti stereks are like this. Out of all the people who post in that tag, I believe i’ve only seen two people who actually try to stop problematic things without resorting to bullying people. (Wulfhund and Miscegene). Literally the only two that I’ve come across. 

Some of these people try to claim that the ‘lol sterek’ and ‘anti sterek’ tags are “just a safe place” for them to go to and vent and blow of steam because they were pushed out of the fandom. 

Well it is NOT okay to vent and blow of steam if you use methods of bullying. Bullying is never okay. These people are not okay. And bullies do NOT deserve any “safe space” if they live to hurt other people. 

In closing, I suggest that nobody turns a blind eye to bullying. If you see it, speak up. Make it know that it is not okay, because this is not okay.

For the people who actually do want to speak up about problematic things they see, people who are respectful and not bullies, my ask box is open.  

And I do encourage everybody to look through to ‘lol sterek’ tag just to see exactly what they do to people. 

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